Allison Joy

Michigan-based Wedding & Portrait Photography

Meet Allie

397493_301711410029964_5946879879688799380_nMy name is Allison, tadalafil but most people call me Allie!  I’m 18 years old, and I live in Howell, Michigan.  I’m a photographer, dancer, and dreamer. I’m head over heels in love with God.  My family consists of the best four friends that I could ask for.  I really care about serving others, being healthy and caring for children. I’m also infatuated with peonies, cooking, books, musicals, boat shoes, and the ocean. Sometimes I am told that I can be a teensy bit obsessed with: things being tidy, sharing my thoughts using lots and lots of words, and having other people agree with my great ideas:)

I have loved photography ever since I can remember: I was the little kid taking a ton of pictures with my mom’s camera (lovely photos of our desk chair, the ceiling, and some awesome unfocused shots of my parents’ heads…) I would get my little siblings all dressed up and take them outside (or in front of the fireplace— seriously) and pose them with stuffed animals or flowers or whatever props I could get my hands on.  I thought it would be so cool to be a photographer at a place in the mall, like The Picture People. Needless to say, my style has changed and my dreams have gotten bigger as I have grown :) In 2010, I started doing shoots for friends and family and it was then that I realized that this could really be “IT”—my job, but also my passion. I feel so blessed that I get to do both at the same time! In 2012, I officially launched “Allison Joy Photography” and I’ve been having the time of my life doing what I love.  I currently am a “lifestyle” photographer, so I mainly shoot children, babies, families and high school seniors.  I’m getting into shooting weddings and I love ALL of it! I’m excited to see where God leads me and my business, which I know will keep changing and growing as I change and grow. I can’t wait to help capture your moments!