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We’ve Moved! A New Chapter :)

Yep, viagra it’s probably old news by now, sick but we’ve moved! This huge change and shift has kept me from blogging in the past few months and I have SO much to write about! :)

In July 2013, we found out that my dad’s job would be moving our family to Michigan. Miraculously enough, all 5 of us were very excited about our new adventure! We drove down to Michigan (which doesn’t seem that far from Wisconsin, but it’s 10 hours away!) in the middle of July and found a perfect house (another amazing miracle) in a beautiful area with great neighbors! God is faithful. In August, my dad left to start work and we stayed in Sturgeon Bay to finish some commitments and wait for closing day. We got to see him about every 1-2 weeks, but it was still really hard. I have so much compassion for military families and other people dealing with long distance relationships! Saying goodbye to our friends and our beloved town was so hard. Here are a few photos of our last walk downtown the night before we left Sturgeon Bay. Please excuse all of the blurry iPhone photos :)

On September 12th (Christopher’s 15th birthday!) we loaded the car, handed our house keys over to the next family, and left Sturgeon Bay for the last time as residents. Time marches on. I would never have guessed that we would be leaving. I always told my mom that I was going to live in Sturgeon Bay for my whole life…God has bigger plans than I do :)

After a 10 hour drive, and a night in a hotel after a ridiculously complicated closing, the house was ours! What a relief. It was the start of a new chapter for all of the Rittles :)

Last week marked our “6 month anniversary” of moving here :) Since moving to Howell, we have been blessed with so many new opportunities and wonderful friends. I would never have dreamed that we would fit right in so well and that we would already have a full and happy life. That is a huge testament to God and his amazing plans. I posted the following picture in February with this caption that sums things up for me: “Thank you God for being so faithful! I never thought I would love Michigan half as much as I do God’s plans are so perfect if you put your trust in HIM!”

My life here in Michigan is full and busy with the things that I love to do. I’m teaching 5 dances classes and taking 5 dance classes :) I’m involved in Bible study and small group and I’m on the worship team. I love volunteering with my family in the nursery of our new church and attending services there. I’m taking online college classes and attending a homeschool co-op in Ann Arbor, where I will graduate from in May.

As for Allison Joy Photography, my business is getting back up and running here! There are so many photography opportunities and connections in the Metro-Detroit area and that has been such a blessing. I’m scheduled to second shoot many weddings this summer and I’m booking portrait shoots for spring right now. I’m looking forward to start regularly blogging about my life and my business. Thanks for your patience while I’ve been getting back in the swing of things!

Oh, I forgot to mention, Michigan has amazing sunsets! :)